Like many things in life, social media can be a positive experience or a negative one. Many people spend hours scrolling, judging, comparing. They often end up feeling less than because of how they perceive others lives to be. I’ve had many conversations about the negative feelings associated with social media, but the desire to keep scrolling in order to be in the loop. We don’t want to sit and compare, but we also don’t want to miss out completely.

The experience is different for everyone. I used to follow countless fitness accounts in the hopes of being inspired to work out, but instead it fed my obsessive nature until all I could think about was how I needed to workout. It became an unhealthy addiction. I actually felt like a slave to fitness because of the way these accounts were stirring up my competitiveness (in a bad way). It may seem crazy, but that is my weakness. I tend to lean towards over working out rather then doing nothing. For others, fitness accounts help with accountability and inspiration. They push them to be better people. If this is you, then fill your timeline with the fitness world!

Likewise, I’ve talked to some moms who follow mom accounts and find it overwhelming because they make them feel like they’re failing as a mother. These accounts make them feel like they aren’t doing enough, they aren’t patient enough, or they just aren’t enough. I, on the other hand, follow mom accounts and feel inspired by how other women are living their lives and attacking the difficulty of motherhood. These accounts typically encourage me. There are so many different types of mom accounts out there, you just have to find ones that work for you.

When it comes to acquaintances it gets a little more difficult. You may want to keep up with them but their posts somehow make you feel less than or just give you negative feelings in general. You do not have to follow them! Your account should be filled with people who inspire you to be better. It should be filled with positive encouragement and support. You should unfollow anyone or anything that does not bring out the best in you. You don’t have to keep up with people that you don’t admire. You should do yourself a favor and stop trying to keep up with them.

There are so many people out there who are using their social media for good. After I found some of these people the game changed for me. I never new what I was missing out on.

As a catholic mom, I have found a huge community of like minded people who are driven by their love for Christ. I have found inspiring women living out their call to motherhood. I was one second away from deleting my accounts until I stumbled upon these people using social media for good. Now that I have chosen who I want to follow I have been pushed in a new direction. It’s because of these people that I started a blog. It’s because of these people that I’m not afraid to speak about my faith.

They don’t even know me, yet they encourage me. I choose to follow God through these other inspiring people. Who do you choose to follow and consequently, choose to become?


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  1. Finally, positive information for young Christians who have lost their way or looking for the right way. So eloquently written given encouragement in a time when God and faith is more important than ever. You have been called to reach out and give assurance that Our Lord is alive and well lifting us all above the worries of the world, we just need to ask. Thank you. ?Your Nana

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