My heart is heavy and words fail me as I try to wrap my head around the scandal, corruption, and abuse that’s been happening within the trusted walls of the Catholic Church. As you all know, I’m deeply in love with the Catholic faith and its teachings. It’s drawn me closer to God and provided healing in my own life. It’s heart breaking to see it cause so much pain for others. The darkness needs to be brought to light and justice demands to be served. My continued love and support for my faith in no way means I support what has happened. My heart and prayers are with the victims and their families, with the parishes affected, all the clergymen picking up the mess, and all Catholics questioning their faith.

The world is full of incomprehensible evil and to find it in a Church is the most shocking of all. These men were chosen to be God’s hands and feet to his people, and not only did they fail in an inconceivable way, but they were supported by others who chose to cover up instead of speak out. Christ’s Heart has been pierced through and through by this tragedy, just as our hearts lay heavy and broken by such betrayal. We cannot be silent.

I look into the eyes of my innocent child and I shudder. I do not want to imagine such defiling things happening to such a helpless soul. The thought of these other children brings tears and pain. The thought of it coming from my beloved Church brings a wave of sorrow almost unbearable.

This isn’t the truth for all the Church’s Clergymen. I, personally, have found nothing but beautiful souls working for the good of Christ. My heart breaks again for all God’s faithful who will suffer greatly from the repercussions of the perpetrators actions. May God give them strength to defend against such evils and rise to the occasion. We win by joining in a united front to stand against evil and stand up for the innocent.

I am horrified, humiliated, disgusted, and crushed by these findings. My faith feels weak under the weight of sadness. My heart utters silent prayers for our world and our Church. I cling to the teachings of Christ and the hope of His most Sacred Heart. I can only find the strength to say “Jesus, I trust in you. Thy will be done.”

May we take this tragedy and put our trust in Him not man. May we rise from the ashes of our brokenness stronger than ever. May we stand up and fight for the innocent who were abused and trampled on. May we never become complacent in our fight for Good.

When evil and darkness surround may we always remember that in the end, God wins.





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  1. Nothing has shaken me as much as this recent report of widespread abuse by priests and the cover up of such horrific events. It’s hard to know how to react to these human failings. I can only pray for the victims and hope they know God has not abandoned them despite the evil they endured at the hands of those who felt called to carry on His work on earth. These priests failed horribly at their calling. God bless the innocent victims.

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