Holy Saturday reminds me of my life. I feel like I am always waiting. Waiting for the next move, the next job, the next kid, the next project. I’ve always struggled with embracing the very moment of life that I am in and making the most of it.

Holy Saturday calls us to wait. It calls us to praise God where we are, with what we have. We don’t know what is going to happen. We may feel abandoned, lonely, frustrated. We may feel like we don’t belong here or there is something better for us somewhere else. But God brings us to where we are, and He asks for us to trust him in these seemingly mundane moments.

The disciples were confused. Everything they believed in had just been crucified and buried in a tomb. They thought it was over because they couldn’t see the bigger picture. They had to take it one step at a time. They had to move forward in faith that God would pull through.

We have the advantage of hindsight. We see that Jesus rose. They had no idea if it would happen or not. Today, we don’t know what our future holds. So much of our lives are spent in our normal routine. We do the same things day in and day out. It can be so exhausting and quite frankly, boring. We wonder if there is more.

Christ rising from the dead shows us that there is more! But the crazy thing is that that “more” is RIGHT where you are. It is within you. It is working for your good all around you. You won’t find what you are looking for out there- in the next move, the next job, the next kid, the next project. You find the “more” inside your heart, and that more leads you right where you need to be.

God calls us to have faith in him even in the moments of doubt, the moments of boredom, the moments of blah. These moments of wondering and pausing help us truly rejoice when the time of resurrection comes.

Just as it physically happened to the disciples when Christ rose again, so will it happen in our lives. We will rise out of and above any situation we find ourselves in. Jesus has already conquered death now we must faithfully follow in his foot steps.



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  1. Beautiful thoughts. Waiting is difficult but sometimes if we focus on what we want to happen, we miss what God places in our lives. He gives us our MORE, as you said, Right Now.

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