I am unsteady.
Like the changing seasons.
Though I wish to be firmly grounded in Your Love,
I am far from Your embrace.

Though I seek you with all my heart,
I fall short once again.
I am altered by this world.
I am thrown off course by unfriendly people.

I feel judged and insecure
like a small child trying to discover his way.
I wish to be firmly planted.
I wish to gently sway in the breeze
but never be thrown off course.

I wish to be unbothered
by the judgmental glances.
I am only human.
As I stare in the mirror,
I find another shattered piece.

The sharp edges taunt me,
reminding me of the failures I endure.
I struggle to glue myself back together.
I struggle to push forward bravely.

I stumble and collapse,
but I will always get back up.
I will always rise one more time.
I know out of my darkness shines Your light.

I know you fill my broken pieces,
gently gathering them,
dusting them off,
and asking me to try again.

I will always try again.

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