The full moons piercing light illumines the night sky. Her rays fall gently upon the path in front of me, showing me the way. Each footstep is more certain and secure than the one before. She leads me through the dark into the dawn. The moon, so mild compared to the sun, but so bright and beautiful in the deep of the dark.

Of course her beauty is not her own. It is the perfect manifestation of the sun reflecting upon her face. This reflection allows us to look upon her with hope. We don’t have to turn away no matter how dark the night. No matter how deep the shame. She is our help, our refuge.

As our inner night is transformed she becomes brighter, until she is full and magnificent, reflecting off the snow-covered ground, casting light upon all the shadows. And by the moon we are lead into the dawn where we face the majesty of the sun. She lights our path and secures our steps.

When the Sun of righteousness seems hidden from my view below the horizon, Mary, catch the bright rays of light from his face, and reflect them into my eyes, so that I can see through the darkness, and walk through it safely toward the dawn.

A Year With Mary

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  1. So calming! So hopeful!

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