There was a beautiful little flower laying quietly upon the freshly cut grass. She danced in the sun, happy to be a part of such a wonderful world. Her roots were settling deep into the ground. Her hope was in the warmth of a beautiful summer sky.

One day, slimey little snails started to approach her. She quickly took to their friendship and gave them whatever they asked for. They took shelter under her leaves as the rain poured down. They ate tiny bits of her petals when food was hard to find. They took comfort in her care and were not bashful about taking her resources.

When the drought hit the snails ran off, leaving her to the mercy of the burning sun. She was left to carry the weight of their slime, while she herself withered away. “I’ve done everything right. I’ve been a good friend. I’ve given them my own food. Now that I need them, they are gone.” All this time, she was giving, providing, and loving while she herself was not being watered.

One by one the snails came back to ask for something more. She continued to give despite her condition. They did not notice her need. With each loving word given, she withered away just a tiny bit more. All at once, she no longer recognized herself. She found no worth in her little life. She no longer danced under the sun but sat idly, longing for a friend.

As she gave away her last bit of strength she cried out “I need love, too.” The cold overwhelmed her tired petals and she let go.

She spent the winter thinking, wondering, and searching for meaning. Instead of turning to the outside world, she searched deep in her roots. It was there that she found heaven. “God are you there? How can I be a good little flower? How can I give all of myself without being given a single thing in return? I cannot help others. Their weight is to heavy a burden for me to bear.”

God responded gently, “My dear little flower, you’re depending to much on your own strength. This path is lonely and impossible. Please stop trying to carry it all on your own. Give it all to me. I am your strength and your rest.”

The spring came and she began to bloom stronger and brighter then ever. Her joy was found in her Creator. He sustained her. He upheld her. As the snails came to take, God stepped in and gave. She was gently watered each day, and able to give more then she ever thought possible.

It is true that in giving you receive, but you cannot forget to ask, and you cannot forget to accept.

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