A few nights ago, the kids and I went outside to clean up the yard before a storm rolled through. In the midst of picking up miscellaneous items, we found ourselves spinning around in the wind and staring up at the dark clouds looming over us. With each gust we felt an intense coolness replace the hot, humid air, as if fall was saying, “here I am.”

Matching suits and sun hats – holding onto summer just a little bit longer ☀️

Whether you are one waiting with open arms to embrace sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and cheesy pumpkin decor, or one desperately holding on to the hot summer days – fall is just around the corner, quietly knocking with each passing wind. One thing I love about Indiana is that we get to experience the seasons fully, in all their glory and difficulty, and fall is one of my very favorites. (yes, you can count me among the basic!)

As our physical seasons change, my mind always wanders to the figurative seasons of life. In a few weeks, September will bring a new baby for us to hold and we’ll have to adapt to a new season as a family.

Is Fulton ready to be moved to big brother status??

A special lesson that motherhood teaches very well is that the seasons of our lives are constantly changing, whether we stop to notice it or not. The babies grow and we age alongside them. Whatever difficulty or joy we face today is fleeting. There is something both comforting and haunting about this.

A quote that I love to hold on to in these changing seasons is this one by St. Teresa of Avila. It’s my birth mantra this time around, and something I hope brings perspective and peace to whatever season you may find yourself in!

Let nothing disturb you, 

Let nothing frighten you, 

All things are passing away: 

God never changes. 

Patience obtains all things

Whoever has God lacks nothing; 

God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila

September Goals

With the focus still on my three words – Intentionality, Slowing Down, and Creativity, these are my simple goals for the month of September:

  • Finish my Marian Consecration – if you’re interested in starting this you can order your book and begin on September 4th! Your consecration day will fall on October 7, the Feast of The Most Holy Rosary (one of my favorites!)
  • Having a baby!
  • Schedule newborn photos
  • Keep up with the kids schooling (and simultaneously give myself lots of grace)
  • Have a few bonfires 🙂
Fall decor coming out 🍂

Things I’m Loving

  • The Imitation of Christ – just a few moments with this book every morning has given me endless insights to ponder throughout my day. It is both convicting and comforting!
  • My new Park Pack – I’m convinced every mom could use the convenience and cuteness of a “park pack.” This is the one I have (& I really love it), but I’m sure a quick search would turn up many more options.
  • This recommendation of fall books to read with your kiddos this season!

Tell me what you most look forward to about fall? Bonfires, hot chocolate, cozy sweatshirts, and pumpkin spice everything for me, please!

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