I was scrolling through Instagram the other day when the words “stop seeking God’s will” caught my attention. I landed upon a picture of a young missionary who had given up everything to follow Christ. My eyes rolled in confusion as to what she could mean. How could a missionary publicly announce we should stop seeking God’s will?

Her tactic worked, though, as it caught my attention for further reading, and I soon discovered the enlightening truth that we should stop focusing so much on seeking God’s will for our lives and focus on simply seeking God.

I have spent many days wondering what God’s will is for my life. What should I do? Where should I work? How many children should I have? What are my gifts? These questions aren’t bad, except they emphasize a focus on a future version of myself. It is my attempt to gain a small amount of control as to where my life is headed.

If you are only seeking His will and forgetting to cultivate an actual relationship with Him then you are selling yourself short. The magic happens when we seek God himself, we befriend God, and we allow that relationship to lead us to do His will.

Maybe this relieves our anxiety as well. It takes the pressure off knowing what we’re supposed to do, how we’re supposed to use our gifts, and the like. It opens us up to the Spirit to show us the way. More often than not God is calling us to be obedient to wherever we are. His will is that we seek Him in the happenings of our ordinary life, moment to moment.

Don’t get lost seeking His will for some possible future version of yourself. Seek Him, right here and now, and be patient and obedient as it all unfolds before you.

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