“I knew nothing, I was nothing. For this reason God picked me out.”

St. Catherine Laboure

I was scrolling Instagram this morning and was pleased to come across a story about St. Catherine Laboure. She is the reason that the Miraculous Medal exists and is worn by so many Catholics. I, myself, wear one, having received it after my consecration to Mary, but I never knew where it came from! Her story is fascinating so I am going to share it below. This is a direct quote from the book Wit and Wisdom of the Saints

In the first vision, she was awakened by a “shining child” who led her to the chapel where Our Lady appeared and told her she would have to undertake a difficult task. In the second and third visions, Mary appeared in the same chapel in the form of a picture, standing on a globe, with shafts of light coming from her hands. She was surrounded with the words: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!” The picture turned and on the reverse there appeared a capital letter “M” with a cross above it and two hearts: one crowned with thorns, on pierced with a sword beneath it. Catherine heard a voice telling her to have a medal made, promising that all who would wear it would receive great graces. Similar visions appeared to her for a number of months.

St. Catherine wished to remain anonymous about the medal and the apparitions. She only told her confessor who then went on to get it approved by the Pope. When Catherine died in 1876 there was an outburst of people declaring her venerable.

I found an image on Pinterest that explains each part of the Miraculous Medal. Have a blessed Sunday!


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  1. Jennifer Crowell

    Madison- thank you for this post! Your timing was impecable, as I was curious as to the meaning of the details on the back of the “Miraculous Medal” in the silicone form you gave to Victoria on this day of her Baptism! I look forward to sharing these details with her when she is old enough. Amazing story of St. Catherine…our little Macy’s namesake!

  2. I love when the timing of things works out like that!

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