This shallow love
Flows out into the world
Selfishly woven

Beneath cheerful smiles
And loving embraces
We ask

What do I gain by giving?
What do I gain by loving?
What do I gain by helping?

The cold empty heart
Hidden behind the phrase
I am good person

But do you truly love?
As you push yourself away
Deeper into spiritual despair

Can you truly love?
Disconnecting from Whom you came
Trying to do it by your own will

Joy follows
You cannot truly love
Unless you ask for Love

Love comes down to us
A gift from the Creator
Patiently awaiting our acceptance

Soaking us in the rays of the sun
And the nectar of the flowers
Breathing new life through our veins

He is the Love we desire
He is the Love we push away
He is the Love asking us to love in return

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