From faith stems an abundance of love and joy and victory through struggles. It is the only quality capable of sustaining us through life’s difficulties. When the going gets tough and our world has taught our young people to turn to violence, I want my son to turn to his faith.

I want him to always remember the generous Mercy awaiting him in the arms of his Creator. The ill-spoken words of peers mean little to nothing when his identity is deeply rooted in God’s love for him. When he feels all alone as if the whole world has turned against him, and surely that time comes for us all, I hope he remembers his heavenly mother who is always waiting to lend a helping hand to her beloved children.

And when I fail him as I suppose all parents do, I pray he can look on with forgiving eyes and a loving heart knowing that I am only human. I pray his faith can carry him through the worst of this life. Through the evil that is all around being thrown in the faces of children day by day. I pray his faith not only carries him, but gives him the strength to continually do good in the face of evil.

And when the world tells him that happiness is found in dark places, I pray that he remembers where true happiness lies. I pray his faith is so strong he may turn from evil without a passing glance. And if he falls prey and messes up, as he surely will, I pray he trusts in God’s mercy and never hesitates to ask for forgiveness and run back to His arms.

A deep faith is the best weapon I can give my son. As he weathers insecurity and failures and heart break and loss I pray he remembers faith is his backbone. A never-changing stronghold in a world of ever-changing violence and hurt. This is how he can find the good. This is how he can be the change that people need to see.

I know in the depths of my heart that this is the path to everlasting happiness. I want nothing more for my child then to be unapologetically happy. That happiness is found in his faith. It is rooted in Christ’s love for him. Everything else is fleeting and empty, but the world will try its best to convince him otherwise.

I do not want the world for my child. No, I want the heavens for him.

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