I nurse my little one
And come to you
The morning light
Just rising over the horizon

A heart full
Of cluttered chaos
A spirit searching
For a place to rest

My eyes meet
Your gentle gaze
And my knees buckle
Beneath the weight

Your peace overflows
Slowly drowning my chaos
Your love saturates
My longing spirit

This beautiful moment
Interrupted by my little darling
But I know with all my heart
That this is my calling

Go, see to my children
Hold them close
Love them hard
Be my hands and feet

And I will go
To meet them in their littleness
To love them in your fullness
And rejoice in these
My greatest gifts

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  1. Beautiful,
    You certainly have a gift with words that come directly from your heart and your soul. I can’t think of a better person to be the mother of my grandchildren. Love you all!

  2. Oh my heart!???

  3. What a beautiful heart ❤️

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