Today, Tuesday October 22, we celebrate Reagan’s 5 month birthday. Today, the Catholic Church celebrates Pope John Paul II’s Feast Day. Today, I sent in papers to add a second middle name to our daughters birth name. Her name is now Reagan Elyse Mary. It’s a beautiful, fall day. The trees are changing color and the rain is falling softly. On days like today I am reminded how intentional God is with each of our lives.

Back when we were debating upon what we would name our first daughter we came across the name Reagan. It immediately stood out to us, but I was hesitant because I wanted something more intentionally faith related. After coming across the meaning of Reagan, ‘little ruler’ or ‘little queen,’ I was hooked. Her name reminds me of royalty. More specifically, it reminds me of Mary the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God.

After I discovered that, we decided it was our top contender, but I continued to research. I found another definition that was intriguing, ‘child of the little king.’ I loved this meaning as well, as I had just finished reading St. Faustina’s Diary which is a beautiful testimony to God’s Divine Mercy. Saint Faustina had a devotion to the infant Jesus, our Little King.

And yet another fun connection – Ryan’s name means little king, so her name is also a nod to him!

I continued to research and soon I was knee deep in articles about Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan. I learned of their close friendship. I learned that together, these two extraordinary men helped end the Cold War. I learned that they both believed in the greater spiritual battle that was occurring during that time. They confided in each other and achieved peace together.

As I was reading the article it finally clicked that this was the exact story that sparked my re-conversion right after Cooper was born. It’s the story of Divine Mercy, the Marian Apparitions at Fatima, and a story that I hold close to my heart. When I originally heard the story, though, I didn’t notice Ronald Reagan at all. I was focused on the Catholic side of it. Now, it feels like the picture has come together in a more complete sense. Reagan’s part in the story that was unfolding during that time was so important.

Today, I added Mary to Reagan’s name because Mary has been so huge in my life, and because I feel like it completes the story that her name tells. It wasn’t until after I sent the paperwork that I realized it’s Pope Saint John Paul II’s feast day. What a beautiful God-incidence! I just felt I had to share her name story today 🙂

Pope John Paul II, pray for us. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Some more info:

If you have a account you should watch “The Second Greatest Story Ever Told” by Father Michael Gaitley. It’s life-changing!

And here is the article I got my information from if you’re interested in some more fun information about Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan:

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  1. What a precious story! It is so amazing the beautiful details that are revealed and I am always a fan of God-incidents:) ?

  2. The stories you are documenting could be a book one of these days! We can’t learn more if we are not willing to search and your intensity is amazing to me. I have never heard about the President and the Pope and I have read a book about Reagan, how could that be missed?
    Reagan Elyse Mary, how beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It’s an amazing story.. I guess people who typically write about presidents aren’t as inclined to mention the pope and vice versa… we think Reagan Elyse Mary is beautiful as well ?

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