In just two short months we are set to meet “baby sissy” and that means preparations are in order! My mom and I spent last week decluttering two problem areas in my home: the laundry room and nursery/office space.

There are a few more projects left to tackle that aren’t necessarily urgent but would be nice to have done:

This is life lately 🙂
  • Clean, declutter, and paint basement – we spend a lot of time down here in the winter months because of the bounce house. It’s such an easy way for me to workout, read, or get some work done while I “watch” the kids jump. It’s also my go to place to play while the little ones nap – no stress about noise levels being too high! Right now, it’s a mustard yellow color and completely cluttered with miscellaneous toys. It will feel so good to get a fresh coat of paint on the walls, organize the toys, and maybe hang some decorations.
  • Reorganize our master bedroom – this will lend nicely to a peaceful start to life with a newborn. We spend a lot of time in the master after all.
  • Wash baby clothes and discard recalled baby items – turns out a lot can change in a year and a half. Since we’ve had Fulton, a few of our baby products have been recalled and need to go! Along with that, all the clothes I’ve had in storage need a proper wash.

It’s also time to start thinking about the smaller details: creating a baby registry and planning a little shower, picking godparents and finding a baptismal date – that sort of thing. Let me know your most loved baby products in the comments, a lot has changed since my first baby five years ago. 🙈

A few of the necessities I’m considering

Amidst all the nesting that is going on I wanted to share how I am preparing for labor specifically – this is the main event after all. It requires both preparation and surrender, maybe ultimately we are preparing to surrender. No one can predict how labor will go and yet we have a responsibility to prepare for the best labor possible.

My goal for my last two babies, and this one as well, has been an unmedicated, low intervention hospital birth. I feel the deep need to prepare as much as possible because sometimes advocating for yourself in a hospital setting is an uphill battle. Doctors and nurses have their own agendas, their own timelines, and their own ideas of what is best for you and your baby. Education is so important.

As I physically prepare my body, I’ve followed Glowbody PT’s FREE pregnancy workout plan. From the first few weeks of pregnancy all the way till the end, she provides safe and effective exercises that prepare your body specifically for labor. Her workouts have helped me feel empowered, strong, and capable as I head into the delivery room. After baby is born, I will follow her 12 week post-pregnancy plan just as I did after Fulton.

The third trimester is a great time to break out all the pregnancy and birthing books for review. My go to’s include:

Birth is fascinating, our bodies are amazing, and there is so much to learn and be prepared for. It can be overwhelming! I focus on birthing positions, breathing/relaxation techniques, and reviewing medical decisions I may have to make in the heat of the moment. These books are great for all of the above. Bonus points for not having to read them cover to cover, you can skip around as needed.

A few new additions this time around include:

So there you have it friends! Some resources for anyone preparing for one of the most challenging and exciting times of their life. Tell me how you prepare for birth below 🙂

PS. read about a few of my other favorite resources for pregnancy and beyond

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