The morning light begins to seep through the darkness, but it’s still foggy and chilly. The light is intriguing, but we have come to believe the lies of the darkness. It’s hard to walk away completely so we stand at the edge debating. Do we leave the comfort zone of the dim light reflecting upon the horizon? The place where we can have a little bit of both – this world and that – without committing fully?

This is a difficult place to be. Complacency, dullness, and a general feeling of blah dominate these corners. Life seems alright, not great, but good enough. There are a million reasons we can think of to stay right here on the edge. Usually, we stay because it’s familiar, and we’re not sure how to move forward. We’re not willing to let go of certain things that are hindering us from moving forward. We can’t fathom the joy that awaits us if we do move forward.

If you find yourself on the edge then you are very blessed, indeed. This fight of moving forward or staying put is a gift. You should know that you aren’t alone, that the stirring of your heart isn’t a random occurrence, that the Father is calling you to Himself. The foggy, chilly, dim morning light is pushing you onward, and Our Lady is waiting to be your guide.

She has given us the most beautiful companion on our journey: the Holy Rosary. If you are looking over the edge, scared to move forward but also scared to stay put, then begin with this devotion. Pray the Rosary everyday, and watch your life transform before your eyes.

The fog will clear away and your world will slowly warm up. The dim morning light will continually get brighter and the unknown won’t seem so terrifying. I pray you have the courage to step forward, Rosary in hand, eyes fixed above. I pray you find the strength to free yourself from the confinement of the edge.

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