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It is still dark, but your presence provides a gentle light. I can feel your peace. I come to you now, before the day has begun, in hopes of a new start and new strength. I draw every breath from your goodness. I hand over my heart to your mercy.

The world is still sleeping. And that is good. The world is cluttered and chaotic, especially now, and there has been no time to just breathe. But I know you are my foundation. The steady rock upon whom I’m striving to build my life. And despite the suffering and panic that has consumed much of our world, I trust in you.

The rhythm of a life of prayer is an anchor, especially in uncertainty. And so, in turning to the saints, we can learn better ways of praying. St. Francis De Sales offers the following wisdom in regards to morning prayer:

  • All good prayer begins with gratitude. Thankfulness even in small things like waking up.
  • Recall your sins. Ask for forgiveness and resolve to do better. Come up with a plan. What temptations will you face today? How will you overcome them?
  • What are your obligations and duties today? How can you complete them with the sound intention of serving God in the process?
  • Finally, humbly confess that you cannot do it by your own strength. Offer God your best intentions and ask him to bless them.

Lord, I lay before you my weak heart, which you fill with good desires. You know I am unable to bring the same to good effect, unless you bless and prosper them, and therefore, O loving Father, I entreat you to help me by the merits and Passion of your dear Son, to whose honor I would devote this day and my whole life.

St. Francis De Sales

Prayer should be simple. A cry from the heart to do and be better, to be who you’ve created us to be. But more than that, the desire to be in communion with you, Lord. Not just in that moment of active prayer, but throughout our whole day.

In the morning, I come to you with renewed hope and you strengthen me.

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  1. You have definitely been called to share. Thanks for giving me new words for my prayer time.

    1. I just read about this structured but personal approach to prayer the other day, and I found it so helpful! It’s always nice to spice up prayer with different ideas and approaches. Love you!

  2. You are so amazing!

    1. Wow, thanks Ashlyn!! Miss you ❤️

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