I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

L.M. Montgomery

Who doesn’t love October? The changing color of the leaves and dropping temperatures ironically create a warm and cozy feeling. Cooper and I have tried to go on a walk at least once a day and he is fascinated by all the squirrels gathering their nuts – he stretches his arms out and yells “doggy!!!”  to all of them. And as the wind blows leaves off the trees he giggles when they land softly in his stroller. His child-like wonder rubs off on me and makes me smile at the simple beauty of God’s creation. We are so blessed to enjoy these changing seasons!

In my own little world, it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty of change. I forget to see the changing colors and zero in on the leaves that have already crumbled into a million pieces upon the ground. I forget about the hope that comes with spring and become blinded by the bitter cold of winter. But each season has its purpose, even the difficult ones, the ones that are working to sprout new life. I often wish these seasons away too quickly, but this time I hope to sit with the struggle and embrace the cold.

The world around me is dying in order to create new life in the coming months. It reminds me that the creation of new life is never easy or without struggle but is somehow more beautiful because of it. It reminds me that love and beauty go hand-in-hand with sacrifice.  And that maybe sacrifice itself is just as beautiful as the budding flowers in the spring.

For now, I am challenged to make the most of this season. To find the beauty and hold on to it with all my might. To keep my eyes fixed on the Cross so that I may bear the cold with patience and kindness. And my hope is in the spring, where I will enjoy the fruits of my labor and the most perfect gift of new life.

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  1. . It is a beautiful time of the year and reminds us of all the changes that will come. My Mother loved the fall of the year, so it reminds me of her and her love. Each season brings us a new start in Gods plan for us.

    Thanks for reminding me!

  2. I do love the change of seasons. I appreciated your perspective put so beautifully as you reminded me of God’s plan for creation and how perfect it is. A wonderful Sunday morning meditation!

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