Before I just jump back into posts I wanted to write a little update on what we’ve been doing these past several months! Covid hit but our lives have been full of joy and excitement, which sometimes feels wrong, but I’ve decided to embrace it.

I’ve been quiet on here because we are expecting our third baby! The first trimester is always rough. Sickness, exhaustion, and just an overall foggy brain left me feeling uninspired. I am officially 18 weeks along, and we can’t wait to find out the gender in just a few short weeks 🙂

Today is also Ryan and I’s FOURTH anniversary! Five is probably more of a typical milestone but four feels big. My life for the past 12 years has been in four-year increments. Four years of high school, four years of college, and now, four years of marriage in the books. It’s been one of my favorite years yet – and definitely my favorite four-year increment! He surprised me with Starbucks this morning and we get to go to dinner, just the two of us, to celebrate.

Since the start of summer Reagan turned one, Cooper turned three, we’re expecting a baby, we got to celebrate my brother, Kellen, and his beautiful new wife Victoria as they tied the knot, we took a trip to Florida with my family, and now Cooper is back in school!

So, a lot of big things, but I’ve been most captivated by the simple, ordinary moments.

I’ve been asking Cooper if he wants a brother or sister and he often replies, “I want a baby, a brother, and a girl.”

We’ve been spending time with my grandparents – going to visit my grandma, watching the kids jump in puddles all along her house, the smile on my grandma’s face from simply being a part of her great-grandchildren’s lives – such a gift!!

And we’ve enjoyed Friday morning breakfast with my Nana and Papa. Nothing beats seeing my kids with my grandparents!

And maybe the most unexpected blessing of lockdown has been being my sister’s neighbor since March. She goes back to school on Saturday, but the time I’ve spent with her is something I’m so grateful for.

It’s a strange world we live in and a strange time. But I have learned so much over the past few months. Clinging to a trust in God I’ve never known before. Cherishing the moments we do have with the people we love. It is not in my control whether it be life or death. So we do what we can, we wash hands, we say our prayers, and we choose to live.

So there you have it! A crazy, chaotic Choiniere “quarantine.”

And I’ve been wanting to share this Psalm that I spontaneously opened up to at the beginning of this pandemic :

Many say, “may we see better times! Lord, show us the light of your face!”

But you have given my heart more joy than they have when grain and wine abound.

In peace I will lie down and fall asleep, for you alone Lord, make me secure.

Psalm 4:6-8

God is so good. May we have the courage to say, “thy will be done.” May we trust in His timing and His ways. And may we always know that our only security is in Him.

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