I stumble to my little corner, eyes laden with sleep, and a heart fighting indifference and distraction. I strive to bring my best self forward to offer these little moments to God but my attempts are met with great resistance. In the midst of this struggle with prayer I am flooded with rays of hope. What a blessing to come before the Lord, imperfections and all, and will to fight the distractions.

The moments that mean the most are the ones that are difficult. The times I feel weak and unable to focus. The times I’m just not in the mood to give of myself. The times that I have other things I want to do instead. This is where the practice of perseverance occurs. This is where growth happens. And this is where I reap the unseen benefits of showing up anyway.

In my little corner I’m filled with peace. Though I’ve failed to fully immerse myself in His presence, I know I am the recipient of many graces. I come with baggage but He extends His hand in love. And the weight of my world is gently carried away and released to the wind. 

A new day has begun and what a gift this is. I leave my little corner ready to live, ready to embrace, and ready to find joy in my ordinary life. The first stop on my way down the stairs is the room where my one-year old resides chatting happily with himself. What a great start!

May God bless you all today and may you feel the peace of laying your burdens at His feet.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28-30

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