My heart feels restless as the seasons begin to shift. Our summer routine is coming to an end, and I already miss the long evenings we spent cooking and talking in the kitchen as we swooned over our little baby turned toddler. I’m trying to hold on tight to these moments that are all to quickly changing. My life over the past few months has echoed perfectly the words to my favorite song,

“Truly I can’t wait yeah
To see what’s around the corner I
Can’t wait to soar
But baby, I lie awake and I watch you sleeping
Thinking it’s the little things that make a home yeah
‘Cause we’ll be dancing in the kitchen in the pale moonlight
Only care in the world is that our kids are all right
Daddy loves momma and momma loves him
Tomorrow we get to do it over again
So smile at me baby, take my breath away
With the good Lord willing, I’ll be happy to say
That daddy loves momma and momma loves him
Tomorrow we get to do it over again” – Home by Blue October

And my heart is overwhelmed with the joy that I’ve found in this little way of family life. God has been so good it gives me chills just thinking about it.

I’ve noticed an incredible grace of awareness. As moments are happening I feel myself becoming hyper-aware of their beauty. The tiny details that make up our home are truly profound expressions of God’s love for his creation. It’s so easy to miss, but it’s there. I feel his presence radiate through the laughter of my child or a smile from my husband. This life is such a gift.

I love to reflect on these details because they make me fall more in love with God. They help me to understand his love and mercy and leave behind any fears or doubts I’ve held on to. The world is going mad with darkness and hate making me more than happy to turn to the loving embrace of Truth. As I strive to create a pure dwelling place for God in my heart my eyes are opened to the goodness amidst the chaos.

The seasons are changing and with them will come new difficulties and joys. Family life is called to readjust and recenter around a new normal. Ours will be filled with long days and weekends away from each other. The responsibilities of our home will fall more heavily on me as Ryan takes on the responsibilities he has to his team and coaching staff. We will be challenged in finding new ways to connect and enjoy each other’s company, but we will have the joy of doing what we love for each other.

This quiet, simple life is intoxicating. I could have never dreamed that God calls us to so much more than what most people settle for. I could’ve never dreamed that he has chosen a life of joy for each one of us, that he could take such a simple existence and reveal so much beauty. Why did I spend so much time rejecting this gift? If we truly understood the peace he can give us we would never turn away!

I encourage everyone to take a moment to pray for awareness. To pray for the grace to see your life through the lens of God’s love. Take a moment to focus on all the beautiful things that surround you and let your heart swell up with gratitude. Nobody’s life is perfect – that’s a fact. But God gives us peace and joy in the imperfections if we are willing to accept it. 

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  1. What a beautiful reflection on this vocation of motherhood! The Blessed Mother is surely sending you many graces! Thank you for putting these reflections into words.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy to be able to share a little bit of my joy ♥️

  2. Beautiful thoughts. You are so far beyond your years in your insights. Others your age may catch on— in time. Your writings can make a difference to others wondering where to find happiness. You have it figured out!

  3. Maddy , we’ll done my love. It takes some of us years to feel Gods grace so completely. Savor every moment with each other remembering those special times with Ryan and the days that you get to spend with Coop. Fleeting moments that are so important. Life is such a gift and we should never stop thanking HIM for it. I just got home from work, thank you for reminding me to give thanks for another beautiful day.❤️

  4. We should all only be thankful for the lives we’re given, and with God’s grace, there are some people placed in this earth to remind us. You are one of them my dear and I smile reading your reminders. Love you so much!

    1. love you cuz!!

  5. Beautiful, Mads! I know exactly what you mean about the moments of hyper-awareness. I usually find them when Erick is playing one of our family theme songs on the piano and the kids are doing their thing in the living room, either reading or drawing together, and I can see it all from my kitchen sink. I love those moments of peace and gratitude! Love you!

    1. That’s so precious! Love you all!

  6. Beautiful words of truth??✝️ So happy for you and your prescious family❤️

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