Fairytale: A children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

Deep down in my heart I want that fairytale ending. I want the imaginary and magical. I want the unexpected and beautiful. I want to believe in the world that I believed in as a child. Some may say this is naïve, but everyone, at one point or another, believed in these things and hoped in these things. We wanted that big romantic gesture that swept us off our feet and led us happily ever after. We wanted to fight off the dragons and save the damsel in distress.

At 24, my imagination has been dulled down. I’ve learned to tame the wild, passionate longing of this imaginary world I used to live in. I’ve learned what is right and what is wrong. What is possible and what is impossible.

But my journey back to God has reopened the doors of my fairytale. He has shaken everything I thought I knew. My fairytale world wasn’t so far from the one He is offering me. His is much different in certain ways. There is pain and suffering. We must go through many trials to make it to our happily ever after. But He has shown me that it is not impossible. That our hearts long for this fairytale because that is what we find in Him. That is what He wants us to have.

He is our Prince Charming. He is our impossible dreams come true. He is every beautiful longing that we have ever had. He is waiting for us on the other side of this world. He gave us the greatest love story we could ever fathom. Yet we often ignore, and brush it to the side. We don’t understand the depths of what He has done for us. We let our faith waver because it seems impossible.

God Himself is impossible to us. We are not capable of understanding our maker fully. We are but little children striving to return to our Father. We are, in a sense, fighting off the dragons of our own lives so we may live happily ever after with Him. The best part about this fairytale ending is that we will be victorious, because our God is victorious.

“Therefore we can fight with total confidence. It’s a fixed fight. Evil cannot possibly win in the end.” Peter Kreeft

I’m reading St. Faustina’s Diary and I have found it to be the most beautiful love story I have ever read. It is impossible and my little mind cannot comprehend it, but there is so much love radiating from each page. Her walk with God is a glimpse of heaven. There is so much love in each of the experiences she describes, and she often talks about how she cannot describe the joy she is feeling. It is beyond our human understanding. It is out of this world.

While we are here, in our temporary home, we must be careful to place our fairytale dreams in the right hands. Disappointment is found in seeking these profound and impossible things here on earth, in people, because they belong to God. He is your fairytale.

God gave us fairytales to remind us to believe in Him. To remind us that He is what we are truly longing for. We shut Him down. We ignore the little child in our souls. We are content to say it is impossible and leave it be. But, it is not impossible.

A Man gave His life to save yours. A Man is throwing pebbles at your hardened heart waiting for you to let Him in. He is the love story you’ve always wanted. He has loved you all along.

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  1. Well written my special girl. If you only touch one hardened heart that has lost faith, you will have accomplished much.

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