It’s just one of those mornings. You know when you wake up, take a long stretch, grab your coffee and ease into your morning. You saunter on over to your lap top to check your email and your eyes grow wide with impending doom. There is a large work project waiting for you with the words needs done ASAP.

Typically, this is fine, I can handle the intense project load, but today? Please no. No, not today. But that is how it works. Everything happens on the same day – because life.

So I buckle down, let’s go! We can do this. I feed Cooper, I let out Beau, and then I expect them to quietly play while I work away. Ha.

I open the necessary documents and get myself all set up when suddenly Cooper starts screaming, I look over and he has blood dripping from his eyelid. Yikes. I run to him, pick him up, and assess the damage. Okay, it could be worse, he doesn’t need stitches, he’s going to be fine. I wipe the blood from his face and set him back down to play.

Cue the tears. Now, he won’t let me put him down. So, I try to rock him in my arms and attempt to work at the same time – if only I had more arms! I set him down again, this time he runs right over to the outlet and unplugs my computer. I plug it back in, he unplugs it, and so on until I just give up and sit there at a loss.

All the projects I need to tackle seem larger than life. The family is all coming in today and my house is definitley not tidy. Cooper’s birthday party is tomorrow and I still have tons of prep work for that. I have a project I need to get done, plus the demands of taking care of a baby and puppy – who seem needier than ever on this fine morning.

So, my strategy? Take five deep breaths. Attend the needs of the baby and tackle one task at a time. Anxiety tells me I have to get everything done right this second, but that’s just not true. There is plenty of time, and plenty of help coming my way.

Today, I will take an extra shot of espresso and grace, please.

Now, instead of writing I should probably get back to the important things.

✌? happy Friday ✌?

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  1. Yep, that is about the way of it in this life! You know how to set the priorities–you do what you have to and make a list for tasks others can perform when they arrive. And keep breathing!!

    Happy Birthday, Cooper!

  2. I like your solution, five deep breaths. As life goes on you will do this exercise many times over and over for different reasons. But your priorities are straight and going in the right direction. Happy Friday.

  3. Key words “help coming”! You attended to the important things, then had help with the rest. It was a beautiful day, your home looked lovely, the food was great and most important, Cooper had so much fun at his 1st Birthday. Good job Mom and Dad. ?

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