I believe God is working behind the scenes, inspiring our passions, and pushing us toward our greater purpose. I believe that our hearts are begging for permission to pursue our dreams but our minds are resisting. I also believe that we will never regret trying but we will always regret refusing to step out into the unknown. What if?

There are a million excuses we make for ourselves. A million reasons why something will never work and a million reasons why we shouldn’t step out of our comfort zone. It’s more comfortable to follow the obvious path of least resistance. But it’s not easier. It’s more difficult to quiet your dreams and submit to a conventional life when you were made for so much more.

I believe that chasing your dreams and living a fulfilling life boil down to a couple of things: figuring out who you are and learning to love that person. Of course, the discovery of yourself is never easy. It involves facing a past you’ve tried to leave behind or digging into the areas of yourself that you prefer to ignore. It means doing the hard work of looking at your strengths and weaknesses honestly. 

But don’t stop there.

Once you truly know yourself to your core, change begins to happen. Change for the better. Those difficult places of yourself no longer have to define you because you learn to conquer them. Getting to know yourself – flaws and all – reveals where your true worth lies. You aren’t worthy because you have talent, or you’re pretty, or you can afford nice clothes. You will find that your worth comes from somewhere entirely separate from yourself.

And the truth comes out. Your worth is found in the God who created you. Coming to know yourself brings you face to face with Him. And He shows us what we are meant to do. Who we are meant to be. You’ll never figure it out if you don’t start searching. 

As your eyes open to this person that you are or even the person you aren’t you will start to gain confidence. Confidence in who you are meant to be, flaws and all. Confidence in your purpose for this world. Confidence that your life matters and your work matters and you matter. And then you find the freedom to be yourself in the fullest sense. 

And I’m not sure, but maybe when we learn to love ourselves and appreciate who God has made us to be, we are able to shift our focus. Maybe we’ll stop comparing and judging. Maybe we’ll be able to admire others talents without it taking away from our own. And maybe we’ll be able to love others more fully, because we’ve finally learned to love ourselves.

A life where you can truly be yourself and do the work you were created to do is the most beautiful adventure. It’s never too late to begin.



Do you realize how many events, choices, that had to occur since the birth of the universe leading up to the making of you? Just exactly the way you are.

A Wrinkle in Time

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  1. You are my morning meditation and always open up room for thought.

    Thank you.

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