I love when Cooper wakes up from his nap because it’s always a mystery what he’ll be singing or talking about. Sometimes its about the hyenas in the Pride Lands. Other times it’s about Kaa trying to get Mowgli (we watch a lot of Disney movies). Yesterday was a mixture of both, but in between his change of story line he would call out, “momma where are you?’

He was waiting for me to come save him from these characters. When I finally came to the rescue he started to jump up and down, “Kaa don’t get me mommy?” I reassured him and took him in my arms. He wasn’t necessarily scared but excited that I was there with him. He was happy to feel safe and loved.

In these moments with Cooper it is clear to me the kind of child-like faith God calls us to: to have confidence He is always with us and He loves us. This faith is deeply rooted and instinctual in children. Cooper trusts me beyond reason and I know someday I will inevitably let Him down. Someday he will see that I am only human. But when we trust in God even beyond reason we will not be let down.

As we grow older our faith becomes more of an act of will. Everything in us is saying not to trust because we know what it’s like to be let down. But the pinnacle of our faith is having confidence in God in everything, and trusting in Him no matter the circumstance. Be not afraid.

We can’t see our future just as Mary couldn’t see hers all those years ago. She walked blindly, trusting each step would be guided by God. She bore the Messiah in a stable because there was no room in the Inn. She had to flee quickly in the night to protect her son from Herod. She had to walk the painful road to Calvary. Faith is hardly ever easy.

And though sometimes we feel we are left in the dark to fight off our own hyenas, may we always be confident He is with us and He Loves us.

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