Four years ago if you asked me where I stood on abortion I would have told you I was pro-choice. This was the easy answer to a very difficult and complex issue. By being pro-choice I was removing myself from standing up for what I truly believed. By being pro-choice I was able to push the issue onto others and let them decide for themselves.

Fast forward to now and I fully embrace being pro-life! I know I should be pro-life simply because it is the right thing, and simply because it aligns with God’s will. However, I have discovered other deeply moving reasons to be pro-life.

I have come to find that abortion deeply wounds the mother as much as it kills the child. I don’t know why this speaks so loudly to me. I love the idea that by choosing life for the baby you are also choosing life for the mother. Being pro-life isn’t choosing the baby over the parents. It is choosing both. Pro-life is deeply rooted in love. Not just the obvious love of the fetus but a less obvious but important love for the mother.

This realization is what made me confident in the decision to be pro-life. Love is always right and worth any inconvenience. Pro-life is not meant to make it more difficult on women or limit their freedom. It is meant to make it easier because there would no longer be a decision to make. There would be freedom from the evil trying to convince us death is the only option. There would be more life and therefore more love.

People don’t often look at it this way. We choose to fight with harsh words and judgements. That’s why I always leaned toward pro-choice. I didn’t want to deal with the confrontation. I didn’t want to involve myself in others affairs. Turns out being pro-life is pro-baby and pro-woman. It is a decision to love. Choosing life means choosing love.

If being pro-life means loving fellow women and choosing to advocate for them and their baby, then I’m not afraid to be open about it. Even if they resist the help. Even if they believe abortion is the right choice in their particular situation.

The ultimate good, even if you can’t see it in the midst of distress, is choosing life, for the baby and for the mother. Both benefit from the removal of the choice to turn to abortion.

I know abortion is a complicated issue and we could go on debating for days about every unique situation. I simply wanted to share my thoughts about choosing love for the mother and baby by choosing life. I came across this awesome mission that has much more to say on the topic. If you’re interested in diving deeper then take a look here!

One specific article that stuck out to me was this one which discusses how abortion affects the fathers. They use Eminem’s song “River” to open up about the grief and loss that follows.

Excerpt from a prayer for abortion victims:

O Help of Christians,
we beg you to protect all mothers of the unborn
and the children within their wombs.
We plead with you for your help to end the holocaust of abortion.
-Catholic Online

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  1. Great message for those that are wavering. A perspective that so many women have a problem accepting because they think abortion will solve a “problem”. Little do they know how this choice will effect the rest of their lives, and not in a good way.

  2. I believe as you believe. It is about love – and life!

  3. Yay for you speaking out!

    1. Thank you! Not always easy but definitely worth it 🙂

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