I don’t know where everyone is in their journey, or where they are searching to be. You may be single, married, have kids, or have no kids. You may want to become Catholic, you may be Catholic, you may be Christian, and you may have no clue, or no interest in God. You may be light years ahead of me on this faith journey or you may be here with me, at your beginning.

I am a new wife and a new mother. All this newness has led me to the foot of the cross, gazing up, in the hopes of becoming a new person. This is my beginning.

It all started when I became pregnant with my son, Cooper. I couldn’t believe that a little miracle was growing inside of me, and I was overcome with absolute joy and fear simultaneously. The joy of carrying a child is obvious. It is something I’ve always looked forward to experiencing, and the day had finally come. The fear, however, caught me off guard.

I felt a new sense of responsibility I had never experienced. His life was literally in my hands and it was amazingly terrifying. I was scared for his physical safety, yes, but more surprisingly I was scared of the kind of person I was and the example I’d be setting. This moment is where my story really began- though I’m sure my whole life was leading me to this point.

When I held Cooper in my arms it was like my whole universe fell into place. I finally felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was always meant to do. It has, by no means, been easy, but I’m learning to find peace in the chaos simply by offering it up to God.

Things just started to click after that. It was obvious to me who I wanted to become and how I wanted to live my life. And now I’m here. I’m at the  crossroads. The choice between knowing I should live a certain way and actually living it out. This brings me to Catholic on Purpose.

Catholic on Purpose was created because of this passion I have discovered in living a faith filled life for my family. This is my first step in holding myself accountable. My hope is I’m able to connect with and inspire anyone who may be at a crossroads in their own life.

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