Humble yourself. Accept whatever comes your way and be at peace. Meet your duties with joy and thanksgiving. God is with you.

I woke up for the third time that night to feed my baby. Exhaustion flooded my body and frustration attacked my mind. I couldn’t will myself to get out from beneath my covers, but I had to. And I did.

The cold air was unpleasant as I swooped her up from the bassinet. I held her close and wondered when the night feedings would end. All I could think about was my bed. How am I supposed to be a good person in the midst of exhaustion? How am I supposed to rise above and find joy in the sleepless nights?

Is it even possible?

It’s hard, but I think that’s the point. Being obedient (joyfully) to the needs of our children as they come to us is a noble endeavor. It calls us to rely completely on God.

Stumbling out of bed multiple times throughout the night becomes a prayer and an offering. Dealing with tantrums, cleaning up messes – it’s all humbling and sanctifying if our spirit is open to it. But so often we get caught up in the discomfort and are unable to let it go. This hinders our ability to be open.

Allow yourself to let it go.

Breathe out any exhaustion and frustration as a prayer for help. Quiet your mind and relax into the discomfort of whatever is happening. It isn’t the end of the world. We aren’t doomed to be negative, tired people for the next 18 years of our lives, we are called to be more.

And this is the secret to finding a new way in motherhood: call upon Mary, be open to change, be willing to fail. The struggle is molding you. Let it.

And by all means, please, ask for help, get some sleep, and try again tomorrow.

One heroic moment in an ordinary day
Minute after minute, little steps along the way
He knows he must deny himself for the man he needs to be
And each heroic moment slowly sets him free

One Heroic Moment, Marie Bellet

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  1. Beautifully said. It’s because of your great faith and dedication to Mary and her son that you had the strength to get out of bed that third time! Keep reminding us how it’s done! You are an inspiration!

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