The sun lit up his face, magnifying his boyish charm. I pulled him close to me, pressing his warm, soft check against mine. I took a snapshot in my mind of that moment so I could revisit it later. Such a simple, fleeting moment that captivated me.

Watching the transformation of this young boy has been a miracle to behold. From infancy I’ve seen his features change, but I still catch glimpses of that tiny baby I held almost four years ago. And with those glimpses I see myself, young and clueless and unworthy of such a complex masterpiece.

His blue shirt makes his eyes pop with such vibrancy that my heart fills to the brim with that soaring feeling. A feeling that transports me to the gates of heaven itself. As I set out to regale this blissfully ordinary moment, I stop myself. Again, words do not do it justice. I see more and more that these gifts are a kiss from heaven. Something so intimate for me to behold that they are better left unsaid. Like my dear Mother Mary, I just tuck them away in my own heart. Here, they remain free from the carelessness of others, untainted by the inability of others to see.

But that glow on my little boys face – that’s all I needed to be reminded that I am loved. Yes, God must love me very much to give me such gift and free me from self just enough to be able to see it.

Do not be afraid to let those magical, ordinary moments be a kiss from heaven. Those are what keep us going.

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