I have felt many changes occurring within me and around me as I continue my walk of faith. Though I have far to go and am by no means perfect, I wanted to share the subtle yet huge differences I see in myself and my thought process. Maybe these things will encourage you to continue on!

1. I see the world differently. It seems brighter and more hopeful, but at the same time I notice the hurt and need even more than before.
2. I’ve never felt more like myself. I feel more free and welcome to be who I truly am. For once I have a better grasp on who that is.
3. I’ve been witness to so many answered prayers.
4. I feel stronger and more positive as a wife and mother because of the genuine happiness I have found.
5. My whole mind-set has shifted as I am able to see more clearly and thoughtfully what I can learn from difficult and uncomfortable situations. I am not a victim. There is always a silver lining, and there is always deep peace to be found in the worst of life’s moments.
6. I have found an increase in interest and passion throughout all areas of my life.

If you’ve experienced notable changes in your life through this path I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below and share your story with me 🙂


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  1. I notice many of the things you listed are missing in my life on the days I don’t make a dedicated effort to sit or walk or even stand and pray.

  2. A powerful list of subtle changes you see in yourself and others around you notice but cannot quite put their finger on. Your light is shining! I pray we all have the courage and perseverance to do the same.

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