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At 5am I am summoned for an early morning feeding. I have grown to love this because there is no alarm clock more effective than a hungry baby. At first, I’m hesitant to begin the day so early, but it’s always worth it.

I feed and rock little Reagan and lay her back down ever so gently. She usually falls back asleep for an hour or two, so I head downstairs for a cup of coffee and much needed prayer time. I’ve learned my day goes smoother if I forgo an extra hour of sleep for this time to myself.

Sweet Interruptions

I’m not always promised much time to myself. Sometimes, Cooper wakes up at 5:45 or Reagan’s ready to play at 6am. Sometimes, these interruptions are beyond frustrating, and I would give anything for them to go back to sleep. BUT, sometimes, I lean into it gracefully.

Cooper loves to read when he wakes up. He requests story after story, and I can’t say no to that. Sometimes, he skips the reading and jumps right into his day. He let’s the dog out and runs around like a wild banjee, all the while I observe and sip my coffee. I’m never quite ready for that kind of energy. But it’s entertaining to watch none the less.

Reagan wakes up with the sweetest little babbling. I watch her talk and roll around in her crib for a few minutes before I go to grab her. If it’s just her who is up, I set up camp in the kitchen in hopes that we might not wake up Coop.

Not A Distraction

I am learning, slowly but surely, that these interruptions aren’t a distraction from more important things, like from time with God. They are sent by God, always. He is found while I’m rolling around on the floor with my babies. He is found while I’m reading book after book to His children. I have to remind myself of this often.

Reagan rockin her Santiago shirt

When I do remember that they aren’t a distraction, we end up having a really beautiful morning. Today, it’s just me and Reagan. Blankets laid out, toys scattered, and one on one time.

Little baller!

Moment by Moment

Motherhood is a moment by moment thing. When it’s hard, it’s good to call to mind that this hard moment is passing. When it’s beautiful, it’s good to call to mind that this beautiful moment is passing as well. This thinking gives you the strength to not only keep going, but to enjoy it all the more.

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.

John Trainer

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